The RVC’s Geriatric Cat Clinic has been running for 26 years. The research clinic was established to both help improve the quality of life of the geriatric cats seen by the team and contribute to the veterinary community’s understanding of feline geriatric medicine.

The RVC's Geriatric Cat Clinic offers free health screening and follow-up monitoring for all eligible cats. Cats diagnosed with chronic kidney disease can also be provided free kidney diet through the clinic.

The clinic is at our Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital in Camden, central London.  

The clinic sees cats that are at least nine years of age and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Healthy cats
  • Cats diagnosed with chronic kidney disease that have not yet started eating kidney food
  • Cats diagnosed with an overactive thyroid and not yet on medication
  • Cats diagnosed with high blood pressure
  • Cats suspected of having one of the conditions listed above

There are a few criteria that mean a cat does not qualify to attend. These are: currently receiving steroid medication or medication for the treatment of hyperthyroidism or diabetes mellitus.

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