In the centuries since it was founded, the RVC has established itself as a global leader in veterinary research, which helps animals and communities around the world. The level and breadth of our veterinary science and biomedical science research demonstrates the RVC’s commitment to improving animal health and welfare, as well as human lives. 

Research conducted at the RVC to help pets spans genetic studies to epidemiology investigating diseases across populations, and everything in between. There are numerous research clinics and centres focused on particular conditions and treatments.  

Most of the specialists within our clinical services are involved with research aimed at improving our understanding of conditions affecting small animals and developing better treatments and diagnostic tests. At any one time RVC vets are involved with dozens of different research studies and clinical trials.These clinical trials are coordinated by our Clinical Investigation Centre, a dedicated team which coordinates all our clinical trials work.

It may be possible for your pet to take part in a clinical trial, which would not only offer you a new and potentially improved treatment option but it could also help us advance knowledge and improve animal welfare.These studies are only ever undertaken with the permission of the pets owners. We are involved in these studies to help us improve the way we treat a range of diseases. 

For more information on the research taking place at the RVC visit our Research section

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