07 Diabetes Mellitus and Remission

Tue, 12 Nov 2013

Author: Shailen Jasani

Duration: 35:13

"Every month is diabetes month in my mind!" (Stijn Niessen, 2013). Diabetes mellitus is a common and very important hormonal disease in both dogs and cats. And while not reported in dogs, it has been known for some time that cats can go into diabetic remission. In this podcast featuring Stijn Niessen, Lecturer in Internal Medicine at the QMHA, we start by discussing diabetes mellitus in general terms, including how best to classify the different types, common signs of the disease, making the diagnosis and trying to make sense of the different types of insulin preparations available. Stijn then goes on to fill us in on the motivation for and aims of the new RVC Feline Diabetic Remission Clinic (email fdrc@rvc.ac.uk).

In the podcast Stijn also mentions that vets in the United Kingdom can submit samples from cats for fructosamine measurement for free - find out more at this RVC Clinical Investigations Centre website page under 'Feline diabetes and acromegaly'.

Find out more about CPD from the RVC featuring Stijn here.

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