A Special Appeal for our Student Support Fund

Your kind donation will help ease the financial hardship our students are experiencing through no fault of their own. Due to static student loan rates and the Cost-of-Living Crisis, our students are increasingly struggling to pay their utility and food bills. Sadly, some have revealed they cannot afford to heat their homes, are in rent arrears and have considered leaving their course. The need for paid employment restricts the time students can spend studying, practising their skills and attending lectures. Financial stress impacts the wellbeing of our students. From experiencing anxiety and sleepless nights, to having a poor appetite and reduced concentration. Financial worries can rob students of their potential, eroding their self-belief. Together we have the power to change that. The Student Support Fund helps students who are struggling to stay afloat financially. These may be students who:

  • come from low-income families
  • have caring responsibilities
  • are disabled (which prevents them from working)
  • are estranged from their parents
  • are care leavers
  • are homeless
  • are mature students with existing financial commitments

Donate today

Our US Alumni can benefit from tax-deductible donations. Meaning your dollar stretches further allowing us to accomplish even more thanks to our partnership with the Chapel & York US Foundation. When donating please select 'Royal Veterinary College' under 'suggest a recipient'.  

Donate from the US

If you would like to discuss your support to our Student Support Fund Appeal please email us at alumni@rvc.ac.uk or call us on +44 (0)1707 666237’

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