Your Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees are payable in pounds sterling (GBP). You can find details of the fees due on the Fees and Funding pages.

For your payment security...
Always take a moment to check that the URL address of the web page you are being directed to is legitimate. RVC's web pages start

The Global Pay for Students URL address you will see is:!/

Please check that the Padlock symbol appears in your Web Browser address.

You may be approached via social media web sites or in person, offering you alternative methods of payment with incentives and discounts. GPfS is a safe and secure means of payment, and we require all payments to be made using this college approved route.

Never make payment of your college fees using bank details provided to you in the text of an email or over the phone from anyone, as this may be a scam and you may lose your money. Always use the college advertised methods listed above

Paying Your Tuition Fees using Global Pay for Students

The Royal Veterinary College is pleased to provide you with an online payment solution called Global Pay for Students (GPfS) to pay your tuition fees by card or by bank transfer, allowing you to pay tuition fees in full or make individual instalment payments. Global Pay for Students is provided by Convera (formerly Western Union Business Solutions): further details about Convera are available here.

Global Pay for Students offers the following options in most locations around the world, and we would encourage you to familiarise yourself with the options and process before you start your payment journey. You must select the country you are making the payment from (for example, Canada, if you are making your tuition fee payment while in Canada, or United Kingdom, if you are currently in the UK).

  1. Bank Transfer in GBP (£)
    You can make a payment from any bank with no GBP fees charged: your quote through Convera will be valid for 72 hours and you can track the progress of your payment to the Royal Veterinary College.
  2. Pay Online from your Bank Account
    You can pay online from your own bank account and your payment will be paid directly to the Royal Veterinary College.
  3. Online Card Payments: Pay by Debit or Credit Card
    You can opt to pay using your debit card or credit card. The Royal Veterinary College accepts Visa and Mastercard.

    Mastercard Visa

  4. Pay your Tuition Fees in GBP but using your preferred Currency
    Depending on where you are paying your fees from, you may be able to pay in another currency: the GBP amount you have specified will be paid to the Royal Veterinary College.

RVC Bank Details, Cash or Cheque

  • The Royal Veterinary College will only accept payment using the methods listed above.
  • For your own safety and security please do not bring cash into the UK to fund your college fees. The Royal Veterinary College will not accept cash payments either directly or at any of our Royal Bank of Scotland branches, with our bank having been instructed not to accept cash.
  • We do not accept cheques or drafts as a payment method.

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