The RVC has a team dedicated to commercialisation and leveraging of Intellectual Property (IP) arising from the RVC’s academic researchers and clinicians.

A license allows a company to develop and exploit an idea developed in the RVC. It is a legal agreement in which the owner of the IP grants specific rights to another to use it, defining and protecting its use in products and processes. Agreements may cover different types of intellectual property, for example patents, copyright and know-how.

Potential licensees are invited to share plans for commercial development of products using IP originating from the RVC, before agreeing to terms. Discussions typically cover: 

  • The scope of the intellectual property
  • The field of use
  • Where the company will manufacture and sell the products
  • Length of the licence
  • Annual due diligence reporting on how the company is bringing the products to market
  • Payment terms

The RVC currently has a number of biotechnology patents available for licensing. Whether it's a life-changing vaccine or a novel diagnostic technology or a piece of time-saving laboratory methodology, our intellectual property could hold the key to your success.

A small number of spin-out companies have been created at the RVC, based around new technologies. These are housed within the RVC's business incubator, the London BioScience Innovation Centre.

Contact us if you would like an informal discussion about licensing IP from the RVC.

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