Can you help us Build a new Home for our Blood Donor team's 20th birthday?

As the RVC Queen Mother Hospital for Animals has expanded over the years, so too has the life-saving potential of veterinary medicine. We can now treat more diseases, illnesses and injuries than ever before. Vital to this work is our Blood Donor team.

Benefits of new purpose-built Blood Donor facilities

  • Increased capacity for blood donations and transfusions.
  • Separate dedicated donation rooms for dogs and cats.
  • A tranquil and spacious environment for pets to give blood, away from our busy hospital.
  • Laboratory space to process blood products and conduct research.
  • Improved infection control as healthy animals will no longer need to enter the hospital to give blood.

Our Blood Donor team needs you!

We need to raise £150,000 to turn our dream into a reality and give them the best gift of all. To support us, you can make a donation and write your message of support, or fundraise for us. Every penny we receive will go towards building the team their new home, with any funds raised over our target supporting the ongoing work of our Blood Donor Programme. Thank you.

Meet our blood donors

Meet the cats and dogs in our blood donor family 


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We celebrate 20 years of the Blood Donor team


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