Published: 16 Sep 2019 | Last Updated: 16 Sep 2019 11:08:06

Stacy Chan, a luxury handbag designer, has dedicated a range of 'minibags' to her beloved Labrador, Charlie, and will donate 15% of the profit to the Animal Care Trust.

Charlie the Labrador after life-saving surgery
Charlie at a post-surgery check up

Stacy has had Charlie the Labrador since she was just seven-weeks-old: “She was the sweetest, cutest and most beautiful puppy monster! She destroyed shoes, TV remote controls, mobile phones and door frames with her exuberant puppy energy. Yet she brought joy to everyone she passed on the street or in the parks. Charlie the naughty puppy grew up to be the kindest, friendliest and mostly well-behaved dog.”

Unfortunately, a couple of years ago, Charlie was diagnosed with a brain tumour after being referred to the Royal Veterinary College (RVC). Charlie was admitted to the neurology clinic at the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals (QMHA) for her treatment.

Referring to the case, Joe Fenn, Lecturer in Veterinary Neurology and Neurosurgery at the RVC, said: “Following the development of recurrent seizures, Charlie was diagnosed with a type of brain tumour called a meningioma, and the decision was made to perform surgery to remove it with the RVC’s Neurology and Neurosurgery service at the QMHA.”

Charlie’s surgery was aided by the Sonopet® Ultrasonic Aspirator, a surgical tool that uses low frequency ultrasonic vibrations to fragment and aspirate tumour tissue in the surgical field, whilst preserving surrounding normal tissue. This allowed RVC neurosurgeons to delicately aspirate as much as possible of Charlie’s intracranial tumour without damaging vital areas of her brain. The Sonopet® Ultrasonic Aspirator was acquired by the QMHA thanks to funding from the Animal Care Trust.

Charlie the Labrador gets muddy
Charlie gets muddy after a swim in the pond

After surgery, Charlie was allowed to go home to continue her recovery. Stacy added: “Charlie has enjoyed two years of runs around the park, swims in ponds and general happiness. We are so grateful for the extra time that the RVC helped us to have with Charlie.”

Now, Stacy wants to give something back. Stacy sells a beautiful range of handbags named after Charlie. For every purchase of a bag in this range, Stacy will donate 15% of the profit to the Animal Care Trust.

“I was so impressed by the level of care Charlie received from everyone we encountered, from the receptionists to the nurses and surgeons who performed her life-saving brain surgery. I am so proud to support the Animal Care Trust in their aid of our beloved pets.”

You can view a purchase Stacy’s ‘Charlie Mini Bags’ at


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