Published: 10 Dec 2019 | Last Updated: 10 Dec 2019 12:00:45

Our new blood fridge has arrived at the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals! A huge thank you to Joan and Paul and the K9 Care Dog Training Club for raising £2,100 from this year’s Companion Dog Show towards the blood fridge.

New blood fridge at the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals

Joan, Paul and the K9 Care Dog Training Club have been incredible supporters of the Animal Care Trust, raising over £13,000 in the past few years. Thanks to their fundraising this year, our blood donor programme will benefit from having a brand-new fridge that will help us store even more blood to keep up with the demand of our busy hospitals.

Charlotte Russo, Senior Transfusion Medicine RVN, said: “We are so grateful to Joan and Paul and all that contributed to this fantastic donation to the transfusion service. They have provided incredible support to the blood donor programme over the years, through donating blood with their amazing dogs and holding a charity dog show every year for us.

“This new fridge enables us to store blood in a state-of-the-art blood bank fridge, providing an ideal environment to ensure that they are the best quality possible for our patients. Donations like this are invaluable to our service; without them we wouldn’t be the able to advance veterinary medicine as much as we have or keep up with the hospitals demand for blood products that help to save the lives of so many critical animals every year.”



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