Department: Professional Services

Campus: Hawkshead

Veronica is an educational development tutor and study skills coordinator.


Brewster, V.R., Maiti, H.C., Tucker, A.W. and Nevel, A. (2017). Associations between EP-like lesions and pleuritis and post trimming carcass weights of finishing pigs in England. Livestock Science, 201, 1-4.

Willgert, K.J.E., Brewster, V., Wright, A.J. and Nevel, A. (2014). Risk factors of lameness in sows in England. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 113 (2), 268-272

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Pullen, S., Brewster, V., Rapley, E. (2017). “Make the Shoe fit the horse, not the horse fit the show”. Exploring the challenges of developing academic skills and academic confidence with farriery students at the Royal Veterinary College.  VetEd Conference, University of Liverpool, 5-7th March.

Module Leader, Contemporary Study Skills  - Graduate Diploma in Equine Locomotor Research,  

Module Leader, Contemporary Study Skills - Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Nursing

Deputy Module Leader, Digital literacy - MVetMed

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