Department: Clinical Science and Services

Campus: Hawkshead

Research Groups: Cardiovascular and Renal Biology, CPCS (Research Programme)

Clinical Groups: Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging

Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

Co-Head of the Diagnostic Imaging Service

Francisco qualified from Zaragoza Veterinary School, Spain, in 1996.

He has been in the UK since 1998, undergoing a rotating internship and residency at the Animal Health Trust from 1999 to 2002.

He was awarded the RCVS Certificate in Veterinary Radiology in 2000 with Diplomas from the RCVS and ECVDI being awarded in 2002.

He has been an RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging since 2004.

He has worked as a small animal radiologist at the Animal Health Trust, Davies Veterinary Specialists and Dick White referrals.

He has been Chair of the British and Irish Division of the European Association of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging and Chair of the East Anglian Region of BSAVA.

 Francisco is interested in all aspect of image acquisition and the application of IT to teaching, with clinical interest in vascular alterations.

 He has published in the UK and Spain and has presented and continues to present at renound conferences (EAVDI, SEVC, BSAVA).

Recent publications

CT findings, management and short-term outcome of dogs with pyothorax: 101 cases (2010 - 2019).
Eiras-Diaz A, Frykfors von Hekkel A, Hanot E, Stanzani G, Florey J, Miller R, Llabres-Diaz F.
J Small Anim Pract. 2021 Nov;62(11):959-966.

Intracranial multilobular osteochondrosarcoma in a dog.
Poad L, De Decker S, Irving J, Williams J, Llabres-Diaz F.
J Small Anim Pract. 2021 Nov;62(11):1033.

Early CT in dogs following traumatic brain injury has limited value in predicting short-term prognosis.
Wyatt S, Llabres-Diaz F, Lee CY, Beltran E.
Vet Radiol Ultrasound. 2021 Mar;62(2):181-189

Multimodality diagnostic imaging findings in a dog with a traumatic pulmonary pseudocyst.
Mella S, White C, Mapletoft EK, Llabres-Diaz F, Cook SD.
J Small Anim Pract. 2021 Jun;62(6):501

Heart to spine measurements to detect left atrial enlargement in dogs with mitral insufficiency.
Sánchez Salguero X, Prandi D, Llabrés-Díaz F, Manzanilla EG, Badiella L, Bussadori C.
Ir Vet J. 2019 Nov 20;72:14

A radiographic measurement of left atrial size in dogs.
Sánchez Salguero X, Prandi D, Llabrés-Díaz F, Manzanilla EG, Bussadori C.
Ir Vet J. 2018 Dec 17;71:25

Francisco has taught ECVDI residents as well as Imaging interns and rotating interns during his time in private practice.

He is involved in undergraduate and post graduate teaching as well as CPD at the RVC.

He has been involved with the ECVDI examination as part of the examining committee.

 Extensive clinical experience at referral level in the UK.

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