Department: Pathobiology and Population Sciences

Campus: Camden

Research Groups: Host-Pathogen Interactions and Vaccinology, Sustainable Food Systems

Felicity is a Lecturer in Virology. She is a Molecular Virologist with interests in vaccines and bioinformatics. Currently she is working on bovine enteric caliciviruses.

Felicity obtained a first degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at the University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology from 1983-1985. From 1985 onwards she worked at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine focusing primarily on viruses that cause hepatitis (mainly hepatitis B).

Felicity joined the Royal Veterinary College in 1991 with Colin Howard as a research assistant working on a PhD part time (Structural studies of the hepatitis B virus envelope proteins). After completing her PhD in 1999, Felicity continued working at the RVC as a Post-doctoral researcher until she was made an assistant lecturer in December 2007 and then lecturer in in 2010..

Felicity and Colin Howard received a SMART award from the Department of Trade and Industry after commercialising their research with DNA vaccines by setting up a company called Virexis to develop therapeutic vaccines for Hepatitis B.

Felicity has completed the Post Graduate certificate in Veterinary Education and is currently doing a Diploma in Veterinary Education.

Felicity’s research with hepatitis B originally focused on defining antigen determinants on the surface on the hepatitis B virus (HBV) using synthetic peptides and random peptide libraries with the aim to design a peptide vaccine for hepatitis B.

Felicity has worked on an EU funded project which investigated the use of DNA vaccines with various delivery systems to treat chronic hepatitis B using the woodchuck hepatitis B virus as a model for HBV in humans. Felicity has also been involved in a BBSRC funded project to develop a DNA vaccine to prevent infection of the spring vireamia of carp virus for use in fish.

Felicity is currently working with bovine enteric caliciviruses and Hepatitis E virus. In particular, she has been examining the sequence heterogeneity of a newly described genus of calicivirus and is now developing ELISAs to determine the prevalence of these viruses.


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Felicity is Deputy Teaching Co-Ordinator for the PPS department and is responsible for teaching of the MSci/BSc BioScience suite of courses. She is the Research project co-ordinator for Year 2 of the MSci/ BSc BioScience course. Felicity is part of the virology team that teaches the MSci/ BSc BioScience, BVetMed and Graduate Entry students. Felicity also teaches on the MSc One Health and is an undergraduate and post graduate tutor.

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