Department: Pathobiology and Population Sciences

Campus: Hawkshead

Research Groups: Safe and Sustainable Food

Claire is a member of the Reproduction Research Group. Her research is based on ruminant reproduction, most recently investingating the interactions of fertility with metabolism, disease and genotype in dairy cows.

Claire gained a first class degree in Zoology from the University of Birmingham followed, in 1978, by a PhD in dairy cow fertility at the University of Nottingham under the supervision of Professor Eric Lamming. Before joining the Royal Veterinary College in 1994, she worked for 10 years as a lecturer, then as a reader in the Department of Anatomy, University of Bristol; obtaining a DSc from Bristol in 1990. This was followed by 4 years in a research post at the Babraham Institute.

At the RVC Claire has served on a variety of committees including a long spell as Chairman of the Graduate School Committee. As Head of the Reproduction and Development Group for 12 years from 1995-2007 she was active in promoting research in this area, which was assessed as internationally competitive in the last two Research Assessment Exercises. She also established an elective in Reproduction for final year veterinary students. Externally she was Chairman of the BBSRC Steering Committee on ARK-Genomics from 2000-2008 and a member of the Horserace Betting Levy Board Veterinary Advisory Committee between 1997 and 2006.  She was awarded the Research Medal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE) in 2006 with respect to her research on dairy cow fertility and the Marshall Medal by the Society for the Study of Fertility in 2015. In 2009 she was made a guest professor at Huazhong Agricultural University, China and is currently also a visiting Professor at the University of Reading, UK. She is a Fellow of the Royal Agricultural Society of England and is a Fellow and Council member of the Royal Society of Biology.


Claire's main research interests are in the general area of ruminant reproduction and she has published extensively in this area with an H index of 51. Her PhD work led to the development of milk progesterone profiles for monitoring fertility in dairy cows. Work at Bristol led to the discovery that oxytocin is an ovarian hormone in ruminants and was followed by investigations into the control of luteolysis, ovarian function and parturition, placental development and the causes of early embryo mortality in cattle and sheep. At the RVC her research into the underlying causes of poor fertility in cattle has continued in particular studying the interactions with metabolism, disease and genotype. She is also interested in calf devlopment and how that impacts on future performance. She has supervised over 30 PhD students. Her main source of current funding (2014-2018) is through an EU grant FP7-KBBE-2013-7 "GplusE" (Genotype and Environment contributing to the sustainability of dairy cow production systems through the optimal integration of genomic selection and novel management protocols based on the development and exploitation of genomic data and supporting novel phenotyping approaches). This includes 15 partners and has a total value of €899,723, of which €714,314 was allocated to RVC. She also collaborates with Dr de Mestre in research on equine reproduction, in particular causes of embryo loss in Thoroughbred mares.

Selected papers since 2010

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SD McCarthy SM Waters, DA Kenny, MG Diskin, R Fitzpatrick, J Patton, DC Wathes and DG Morris (2010) Negative energy balance and hepatic gene expression patterns in high yielding dairy cows during the early post partum period: a global approach. Physiological Genomics 42A:188-199.

Lecture to BVetMed 2 on thermoregulation. Supervise BSc3 and BVetMed RP2 student projects. (Note teaching activities are limited since 2012 when I reduced my working time to 60% of full time).

Claire is often asked to speak to farming and veterinary audiences both nationally and internationally on her work on dairy cow fertility and dairy heifer calf development. She was also involved on a project in collaboration with AHDB Dairy to produce a series of short training films for dairy farmers on successful heifer rearing . These are available through youtube at

The topics are:

  1. Colostrum Management;
  2. How to Test Colostrum;
  3. The 3 Q’s of colostrum feeding - Quantity, Quality and Quickly;
  4. Tube Feeding colostrum to calves;
  5. Feeding Hygiene;
  6. Monitoring growth;
  7. Thermal Comfort Zone.

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