Department: Pathobiology and Population Sciences

Campus: Hawkshead

Beth Reilly graduated from RVC in 2017 and completed both the Cambridge and RVC Junior Clinical Training Scholarships in Production Animals. She worked at Synergy Farm Health before moving to the RVC in 2020, working as a teaching fellow in Clinical Farm Animal Management. She is involved in teaching at both the Hawkshead campus and RVC-SE in Dorset, and is part of the collaborative clinical teaching partnership between Hammond Vets and the RVC

Journal Papers:

Hall, L., Reilly, B. and Blackie, N. (2022) Surveying UK sheep farmers’ vaccination techniques and the impact of vaccination training. The Veterinary Record. DOI:10.1002/vetr.1798

Crilly, J., Wood, M. and Reilly, B. (2022) Such a tease! Production and uses of teaser rams, bucks, boars and bulls. In Practice, 44: 228-238.

Crilly, J., Reilly, B., Scott, P. (2022) Digit amputation in small Ruminants Livestock, 27, 2

Greville-Heygate, O., Reilly, B. R., & Hughes, K. (2020). Pathology in Practice, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association257(7), 723-725.

Bastos, C.A.P., Thom, W.D., Reilly, B., Batalha, I.L., Burge Rogers, M.L., McCrone, I.S., Faria, N., Powell, J.J. (2020) Robust rapid-setting antibacterial liquid bandages. Sci Rep 10, 15067.

Newsome, R., Reilly, B., Reader, J. (2019) Management of claw horn lesions; a practitioner's guide through the literature, Livestock, Vol. 24, No. 1


Conference Proceedings:

Faiers, I., Blackie, N., Reilly, B., & Gibson, T. (2022). Castration takes balls! Do Lamb Tailing and Castration models build confidence in models build confidence in students prior to real life practice. VetEd, University of Nottingham. 6-8th July 2022

Reilly, B.R. and Blackie, N. (2021). Cattle Art: not just a pretty picture. Veted Conference virtual meeting, University of Surrey, 7th - 9th July 2021.

Reilly, B., Burnell, M. and Bell, N. (2019). Sole depth in Jersey and Cross Bred dairy breeds. 20th International Symposium and 12th International Conference on Lameness in Ruminants (Lameness in Ruminants 2019). Tokyo, Japan.

Reilly, B., Burnell, M. and Bell, N. (2017). How does sole depth vary at set dorsal wall lengths in Holstein Friesians? Cattle Lameness Conference, Worcester, UK. 26th April 2017

Beth teaches across the veterinary medicine course on various aspects of farm animal teaching. She also teaches on two of the tracking rotations, FA1 based in Dorset and FAEQ4 based in Hertfordshire. 

She was awarded the individual RVC Jim Bee Educator prize for creative curriculum in 2022.

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