All Widening Participation and Outreach activity at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) is funded by the RVC’s Access Agreement and Widening Participation funds. In order to be eligible for our Widening Participation and Outreach activities, you must meet the essential criteria. You will be more likely to be selected if you meet a number of additional criteria. 

Essential Criteria


  • You must be attending a non-selective state school or college in the UK and/or a school with low average attainment levels for GCSE, A Level or vocational courses.
  • Under 16 years old – You are interested in working with animals in the future
  • Over 16 years old – You are interested in a career in Veterinary Medicine, Biological Sciences or Veterinary Nursing.

Additional Criteria

Family background 

  • You do not have parents or carers who studied at university; have parents from non-professional occupations; are currently eligible for free school meals. 


  • You live in neighbourhoods with low overall progression rates to higher education and high levels of deprivation. We use POLAR and IMD data to assess this.

Groups underrepresented in higher education

  • You are a forced migrant; young carer; estranged from your family; care-experienced student and/or a disabled student.

Academic potential

  • You have the academic potential to attain the entry requirements for the undergraduate courses offered at the RVC.

          Veterinary Medicine
          Biological Sciences
          Veterinary Nursing

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