In this podcast we talk to one of the principle investigators of the EPIC study, Professor Adrian Boswood. We discuss the findings of the evaluation of pimobendan in dogs with cardiomegaly caused by preclinical mitral valve disease. Why not go to the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine’s website, download it and have a read now!

It is not often that a single paper has the ability to radically change clinical practice. This epic study has overwhelming evidence that pimobendan administration before the onset of clinical signs in dogs with mitral valve disease (MVD) prolongs the preclinical period by 15 months. The dogs were identified by having a ≥3/6 grade systolic heart murmur, echocardiographic evidence of MVD, and radiographic or echocardiogram evidence of cardiomegaly.

You can also see a video of Professor Boswood discussing this study on youtube and an infographic too

It is indeed EPIC.

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