Joining Brian and myself in our studio (again, that is two in a row) we delighted to speak to Chris Scudder, Senior Lecturer in Internal Medicine and Co-Head of the Internal Medicine Team here at the RVC. There has been a couple of new drugs on the market one in the USA (bexagliflozin) and one in the UK (velagliflozin) both SGLT-2 inhibitors, oral hypoglycaemic agents to be used in newly diagnosed diabetic cats. We thought we’d chat to Chris about the information that is out there about these agents, how they can be used and what questions we have about their use. He recently spoke to our ECC team about euglycaemic diabetic ketoacidosis (eDKA) and I was intrigued. We hope that you enjoy.

Some references: 

There is an abstract on page 2512 here

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