Joining Brian and myself in our virtual studio (had to dust off the microphone, apologies for that) we are delighted to have Dr Dave Beeston, one of our final year residents in Emergency and Critical Care, here at the RVC. Dave has many interests and enthusiasm for a variety of ECC topics and is no stranger to this podcast regarding his own career journey, though we thought we'd talk to him about one of his research papers, regarding the occurrence and clinical management of urethral obstruction in male cats, a vetcompass study looking at cats in primary care in the UK. We hope that you enjoy.

The paper discussed: Beeston, D., Humm, K., Church, D.B., Brodbelt, D. and O'Neill, D.G., 2022. Occurrence and clinical management of urethral obstruction in male cats under primary veterinary care in the United Kingdom in 2016. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine36(2), pp.599-608.

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