Published: 04 Dec 2017 | Last Updated: 10 Jan 2018 16:06:15

Secrets of the Border Terrier revealed 

The Border Terrier is a working terrier type that is generally considered to be a relatively healthy and hardy breed.   A new VetCompass™ study has explored these beliefs using anonymised clinical data from hundreds of veterinary clinics in England. These VetCompass findings highlighted a decreasing trend in the popularity of Border Terriers from 1.46% of all puppies born in 2005 to 0.78% in 2014. The breed was relatively long-lived, with a median longevity of 12.7 years. The most common disorders in the breed were periodontal disease (17.63% of dogs affected), overweight/obesity (7.01%) and otitis externa (6.71%, 95% CI: 5.42–8.19). Predisposition to dental and neurological disease was suggested. These results provide a comprehensive evidence resource to support improved health and welfare within the breed.

O'Neill DG, Darwent EC, Church DB, Brodbelt DC. Border Terriers under primary veterinary care in England: demography and disorders. Canine Genetics and Epidemiology. 2017;4(1):15.

Click on the link above for an open access version of the full paper

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