Published: 09 Dec 2019 | Last Updated: 09 Dec 2019 13:50:09

The VetCompass Christmas Newsletter is live! Click the link below to read a summary of VetCompass 2019 progress.

VetCompass Christmas Newsletter 2019

To date, VetCompass shares data with 1800 UK vet practices (over 30% of all UK practices) and includes anonymised health information on 15 million animals including 7.5 million dogs, 5.2 million cats, 760,00 rabbits, 650,00 small mammals and 370,000 horses. During 2019, these data continued to support numerous of studies by undergraduate, Masters, PhD and Post-Doctoral researchers. The outcomes of VetCompass research has now led to 67 peer-reviewed publications and have influenced the policy and decision-making of welfare groups, universities, major charities, research bodies and even government. Amazingly, there have been 22 VetCompass peer-reviewed publications during 2019.

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