Published: 30 Mar 2022 | Last Updated: 30 Mar 2022 10:55:46

RVC Vet Students do VetCompass proud at BSAVA Congress 2022 

Four intrepid RVC final year vet students showed their true mettle by presenting their undergraduate projects orally at BSAVA Congress 2022 in Manchester. These students performed like seasoned orators and shared hugely relevant results from their VetCompass projects to the wider veterinary profession.

Broad dissemination of results is a key to the VetCompass mission to generate and share primary-care veterinary evidence to a wide audience. Well done to Eden, Jaya, Annie and Alyx.

  • Eden Hermsen - Validation of a diagnostic prediction tool for Cushing's syndrome in dogs
  • Jaya Sahota – Health of Pugs in the UK
  • Annie Mura - Chronic kidney disease in cats
  • Alyx Blenkarn - Periodontal disease in cat

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