Published: 18 Mar 2016 | Last Updated: 18 Mar 2016 11:08:57

Over the last year, a partnership between UFAW and VetCompass scientists at the Royal Veterinary College has expanded an independent online resource to provide information on genetic health conditions affecting dogs, cats and other companion animals. The website now includes 52 breeds of dog as well as cats, rabbits, horses, guinea pigs, birds and fish. The purpose of the website (found here) is to help people who are thinking of acquiring a pet to decide which species, strain or breed to choose – to be aware of inherited problems that might affect these animals and know the right questions to ask when buying in order to help avoid perpetuating genetic health problems. The website also provides information to help breeders avoid or tackle problems.  

Dr Robert Hubrecht, UFAW’s Chief Executive and Scientific Director said: “The site is unique in providing comprehensive and detailed information, presented in a readily understandable way, not only on the genetic conditions themselves but also, most importantly, on their effects on the pet’s welfare.”  

Added RVC scientist, Dr Buckland: “Ensuring the information available to owners and breeders of pets is accurate and based upon high-quality scientific evidence is key to helping them make informed decisions in the best interests of animal welfare”.

Find UFAW's press release statement here

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