Published: 23 Jul 2015 | Last Updated: 04 Aug 2015 07:42:03

This week the RSPCA are promoting a set of educational posters, developed in collaboration with the Medivet veterinary partnership and the VetCompass Programme.

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These posters summarise the findings of three important VetCompass studies, using clear graphics to present useful information on the most frequently diagnosed canine disorders, and on canine and feline longevity and mortality.  The posters are intended to be simple, eye-catching and accessible to anyone interested in companion animal health, from pet owners and the general public to vets and other dog industry stakeholders.

The RSPCA are keen to increase awareness of these resources across a wide audience and will be posting further information on their website (here, here and here), their 'RSPCA Insights' Blog and the RSPCA Facebook page this week!

Click on the titles or poster images below to access full size versions of each poster:

 What disorders most commonly affect our dogs?

This poster summarises the results of a study looking at the most common conditions diagnosed in dogs attending veterinary practices in England.

How long do our dogs live?
A study exploring whether crossbred dogs live longer than purebred dogs is summarised in this poster. The most common causes of death in dogs and the average life expectancies of the most common breeds are also presented.

How long do our cats live?
This poster summarises the results of a study looking at the life expectancy of cats in England. The study aimed to compare the lifespan of crossbred and purebred cats and identify how long cats live and what they die of.


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