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Nine VetCompass research abstracts presented at BSAVA Congress 2016, Birmingham

The annual British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) Congress is a calendar highlight for small animal veterinarians, researchers and industry representatives alike. The Congress, held in Birmingham, hosted 4 days of development, learning and discussion, and VetCompass was thrilled to present an impressive total of 9 clinical research abstracts, including 8 oral presentations and 1 poster presentation. VetCompass team members presented their latest research on the prevalence and risk factors of various health and welfare issues in dogs, cats and rabbits. Topics included road traffic accidents, behavioural problems, thoracolumbar spinal disorders, patella luxation, urinary incontinence and spatial clustering of neoplasia.  

Below are the full titles of the VetCompass abstracts presented at BSAVA Congress 2016:  

Presenter  Title  BSAVA Stream
Elisabeth Darwent,
RVC BVetMed student
Health Disorders of Pugs and Border Terriers
Working in practice
Georgina Harris,
RVC Intern
Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) in dogs in the UK: epidemiology, clinical management and outcomes.
Working in practice
Megan Conroy,
RVC MSc VetEpi student
Road Traffic Accidents in cats attending emergency-care practices in the UK
Working in practice
Stephanie Phillipps,
RVC BVetMed student
Thoracolumbar spinal disorders in dogs attending primary-care veterinary practices in the UK
Stephanie Marlow,
RVC PhD student
Spatial Clustering of Neoplasia in a Population of dogs from UK First Opinion Practice
Alex Riddell,
Cambridge VetMB student
Prevalence and risk factors for urinary incontinence in dogs attending primary-care veterinary practices in the UK
Dr. Dan O’Neill,
companion animal epidemiologist
Patellar luxation in dogs attending primary-care practice in England
Hermien Craven,
RVC BVetMed student
Demography and health of rabbits attending primary-care practices in England
Caitlin Boyd,
Edinburgh university MSc student
Mortality and Relinquishment Ascribed to Undesirable Behaviours in Young Dogs in the UK
Behaviour/ethics and communication

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