Published: 21 Sep 2018 | Last Updated: 30 Sep 2019 16:00:12

Breed Health Co-ordinators (BHCs) are individuals appointed by dog breed clubs and councils as advocates for the health and welfare of their breed. The main role of the BHC is to facilitate the collection and communication of data on the health of their chosen breed in order to make evidence-based decisions on health reforms in conjunction with the Kennel Club.

VetCompass™ research into breeds and disorders strongly complements this approach by providing prevalence, diagnostic, management and outcome data on the general population of dogs in the UK that BHCs can use to improve the welfare of their breeds.

As part of this dissemination process, Dan O’Neill attended the Kennel Club’s Breed Health Symposium on 19th September at their Stoneleigh Centre to discuss current projects and plan new projects with BHCs across a spectrum of dog breeds.

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