'The Other Role of the Veterinary Scientist in Dog Health: How vets can contribute to dog health & welfare beyond the practice'

Dr. Dan O'Neill (VetCompass, RVC) & Dr. Katy Evans (University of Nottingham)

British Small Animal Veterinary Association Annual Congress, 2015

This talk was delivered at BSAVA Congress on the 9th April 2015, Birmingham, UK and addresses the importance of generating high quality evidence to inform decision-making for the improvement of canine welfare. Dr. Dan O’Neill and Dr. Katy Evans discuss the critical role of evidence-based veterinary advice when aiming to improve dog health at a population level, highlighting how large-scale, ongoing health surveillance projects such as VetCompass are vital in providing relevant, representative findings for practical use by clinicians.

This audio recording is shared by kind permission of the UK Kennel Club.

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