The College requires two recent references in support of your application. Both referees should be familiar with your academic/clinical work, preferably at the institution at which you have recently studied/are studying or working.

A reference referring to specific work experience relevant to the course you wish to undertake can be substituted for one of the academic references with the approval of the Course/Clinical Director and the Graduate School. A reference from the supervisory team of the studentship, internship or residency that you are applying for is acceptable but must be in addition to two independent references.  Both referees should be provided with the guidelines below.

When applying, the online application from will allow you to either upload a reference directly to the application or to add your referee's contact details. If you upload the reference directly please ensure the reference is on headed paper and signed by the referee (see further guidelines below). If entering the referee's contact details an automatic email will be sent to your referees upon submitting your application, requesting them to submit a reference.  

Please note that consideration of your application may be delayed if we have not received two references with your application.

Guidelines for referees

References (PDF format) should be on headed paper (or from a professional email address, for example one registered at a place of work or academic institution) and should include the following points:

  1. Full name of applicant and the length of time and capacity in which you have known the applicant
  2. Motivation and intellectual qualities (e.g. present performance, future potential, ranking in class, current position). Do you consider the applicant’s degree result a true reflection of his/her abilities?
  3. If the candidate was/is employed by your organisation, please include an outline of their responsibilities/duties and an appraisal of their competence in the role
  4. Suitability of chosen programme
  5. Powers of expression
  6. Interests and future plans
  7. Any other relevant information. 
  8. Your signature
  9. Your title, name and position

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