Published: 22 Dec 2022 | Last Updated: 04 Jan 2023 10:45:59

Applications Open For Four PhD Studentships In Food Systems -  A Growing Area of RVC Research

The Royal Veterinary College has been an active participant in the UK Food Systems Centre for doctoral training, since its inception in 2020. Many people know of the global impact of RVC research in areas of animal health and welfare, but the RVC also conducts world-leading research into the broader social, human health, and environmental impacts of food production. Three students supported by the Food Systems Centre are now conducting their studies at the RVC and their experience should encourage others to apply.

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Christine Nicol Professor of Animal Welfare at the RVC explains what the opportunity means for students:

“Studying at the RVC will provide you with a deep understanding of systems thinking. You will work alongside global research leaders in animal health and welfare and take part in research and discussions about the ethics, human health, and environmental impacts of including animals in food systems. We will support you all the way!”

Second-year student, Amber Lawes-Johnson, found that her background in anthropology helped her to design an exciting PhD project on ‘Transitioning to regenerative-organic livestock systems’:

Scholars at RVC have supported me in exploring different frameworks for thinking through problems and strengthening my research questions in the area of livestock policy and provisioning systems."

Laura Freeland and Urja Thaktar are planning their research kernels as part of their Year 1 studies. Laura will be exploring the possibilities of transferring from conventional to pasture-based beef production:

(I am) excited by the opportunity to study animal health and welfare within the UK food system, and link systems concepts to a healthy, sustainable and ethical food system future.” 

Urja intends to examine trade-offs between post-Brexit livestock and farming policies:

“I feel privileged to be surrounded by experts at the RVC, who challenge my thinking, encourage me to take on a systems approach, and support my research interests in the future of livestock production."

Up to 4 PhD studentships will be available at the RVC for 2023/2024 with a closing date of 23rd January 2023. We look forward to receiving new applications. Please contact Christine Nicol for further information.

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