We understand the difficulties many people face with full-time study and have joined forces with the University of London, to offer study by distance learning.

The programme includes an MSc, Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate and Individual Modules in Livestock Health and Production.

Developed by academic experts at The Royal Veterinary College, studies are aimed primarily at veterinarians, animal health specialists and livestock farmers, however, optional modules make our studies suitable for people from a range of professional backgrounds.

The programme addresses contemporary issues of livestock production and has a worldwide relevance.  

Our graduates find that the international recognition and prestige of their degree opens doors and creates opportunities in their careers.

The course aims to provide you with:

  • Knowledge on agents of animal diseases and how animals respond to them
  • Advanced knowledge in animal nutrition, breeding and management to optimise animal health and production
  • Farming systems approach to animal production and an understanding of how to appraise and monitor livestock production systems through development and execution

Providing distance learning courses, as part of the University of London International Programmes, is a challenging but very rewarding role. We have students from all over the world and our team works very hard to ensure that we offer them programmes that are of an academically high standard and relevant to the contemporary needs of livestock farming and veterinary medicine. It’s a wonderfully rewarding experience to see our students successfully completing their courses and graduating.

Flexible study options  

  • Students are working professionals and the pace of study is flexible.
  • Dependent upon the modules taken, study material may be offered online via our Virtual Learning Environment only.  Access is provided to a Study Guide, Reader, Textbooks, Programme Handbook, Student Guide and Student Discussion Board.  Academic Tutorials (approximately 2 per year), are offered.  (Please note that academic queries will only be answered during tutorials.)
  • Although non-compulsory, Indicative Study Calendars provide an indication of the time to spend on each section.
  • Examinations are scheduled in October, however, flexibility allows exams to be deferred, if necessary. 
  • A five-year period is offered to complete the MSc degree, Postgraduate Diploma, or Postgraduate Certificate, with an average completion time of three years.  

Final award

Graduates of the programme will receive two documents: a final diploma 'parchment' and a diploma supplement. The final diploma will show the award of a University of London Worldwide Degree, with the Royal Veterinary College as the Lead College involved.  The diploma supplement will describe the nature, level and content of the programme that has been successfully completed. The MSc, Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate are placed at Level 7 of the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications.

Graduates are invited to attend the Graduation Ceremonies of both the University of London Worldwide and the Royal Veterinary College.


The diploma has helped me have sensible meaningful conversations with farmers about their businesses, their animals and the welfare and nutrition of their animals. It has also helped me understand modern buildings and ventilation systems etc. This qualification has given me confidence and a feeling that I am up to date, i.e. current, in the farming world.

— Deborah Alexander, PG Diploma Livestock Health and Production, UK

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