Published: 28 May 2024 | Last Updated: 28 May 2024 11:40:55

In June 2024 we celebrate a 30-year work anniversary for one of our highly experienced  Registered Veterinary Nurse’s, Holly Smith.

Holly qualified as an RVN in 1992 and worked in a mixed animal practice in Luton before moving to the QMHA in 1994. Holly joined the QMHA as an RVN rotating through wards, imaging and theatre. Her interest in rehabilitation nursing begun soon after and she was promoted to senior nurse within the surgery ward and years later, when the service expanded, was promoted to Head Nurse of the neurology & rehabilitation service.     

She now leads the neurology & rehabilitation nursing team at the QMHA in addition to overseeing the hydrotherapy service and contributes to educating the wider nursing community on neurology nursing through teaching course material and speaking at events.

She makes such a huge difference every day through the work that she does, and is a brilliant advocate for her patients. We are so honoured to be celebrating this milestone with Holly and grateful for her impactful service!

Holly says:

‘I still love what I do as an RVN at the QMHA as Neurology is so interesting, so you’re always learning about new cases and conditions. However, I am only as good as my team, and they are just fantastic’

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