We are an international, cross-disciplinary group of researchers interested in improving recognition, diagnosis and outcomes in cats with acute onset seizures and limbic encephalitis.

Our focus is on inflammatory brain diseases (encephalitides) caused by autoantibodies to central nervous system proteins, a treatable cause of cluster seizures and status epilepticus in domestic cats. These disorders are well described in human patients in whom they are known to be immunotherapy-responsive.

We aim to learn more about limbic encephalitis in cats and, where appropriate, apply recent advances in human medicine to these feline patients, in a bidirectional translational approach with benefits across the species barrier.

Meet the team

Dr Sophie Binks,
University of Oxford
Dr Abbe Crawford,
Royal Veterinary College
Dr Lucy Davison
Royal Veterinary College
& University of Oxford

A/Prof Sarosh Irani
University of Oxford
Dr Lorna Kennedy
University of Manchester
Vetmeduni Wien

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