Published: 27 Feb 2023 | Last Updated: 27 Feb 2023 12:43:35

LGBT+ History Month is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the LGBT+ Community, past and present, and to commit to educating ourselves and others about that history. 

At the Royal Veterinary College this year, events were organised by staff and students to mark LGBT+ History Month; Colleagues created a Padlet (electronic bulletin board) with information from historical facts on LGBT+ people to real-life LGBT+ stories, educational publications, current local and wider events, exhibitions and performances and the LGBT+ Student Society arranged a trip to National Student Pride. 

Over the last four years at the RVC, we have organised large community photo shoots as one of our events for LGBT+ history month. After doing virtual photos for the last two years, it has been a pleasure to gather again in person for this year’s photos. It has also been a joy to work with staff from the Equality and Diversity Committee on arranging and publicising this year’s gatherings.  These photos are a very visible way of showing our support for- and solidarity with our LGBT+ students and staff, and that the RVC is committed to being a safe space where they can flourish. 

As the Chaplain and Interfaith Advisor, it brings me great joy to organise these public displays, and spread the message of welcome and inclusion to all. 

I asked a few staff and students to send in their comments about what LGBT+ History Month means to them, and what they think of our events at the Royal Veterinary College. 

"At the RVC, we celebrate and recognise the importance of the contributions of LGBT+ people - past and present - to our community. In continuing our efforts to make the RVC a safe space where everyone can grow and flourish, it has been a pleasure for us to support this month's events as visible allies of our LGBT+ staff and students." 
– Professor Stuart Reid, Principal 

"LGBT+ History Month allows us to celebrate our history and achievements and to be seen - these displays are both the result of our predecessors hard work and a reminder of work still to be done. 
– Maisy Pilolli-Wall (Treasurer of the LGBT+ Society) 

“We are committed to being an inclusive community and we are proud to support LGBT+ History Month and to join in celebrating the significant achievements and contributions of the LGBT+ community. Inviting the whole RVC community to take part in events such as the fabric photo is an important part of raising awareness and encouraging all to take action to become active allies.” 
– Dr Christine Thuranira-McKeever, Vice-Principal for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 

“The RVC student body is a place that thrives on diversity and inclusion. We stand by and welcome all our LGBTQ+ members and will further ensure that we create a safe and comfortable environment, where they can reach their full potential and find a belonging in our community.  This is why we fully support and get involved in events such as those that took place during LGBT+ History Month.”
– Praavie Kona, Student Union Equality and Diversity Officer

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