If you feel that you have mitigating circumstances which need to be taken into account during the assessment of your application to the RVC, you need to complete the Mitigating Circumstances form and upload this to the My Applications portal.

Please contact the Admissions Office on myapplication@rvc.ac.uk to obtain access to upload the form to the portal.

You should ensure that the relevant supporting information is also uploaded, for instance medical documentation and signed supporting letters from your school/college. For more information on what supporting information is required, as well as further guidance on mitigating circumstances, please see the Admissions Policy.

Please note we cannot accept this form via email or from a third party and any circumstances submitted without this completed form will not be considered. If you have previously emailed the Admissions Office about your mitigating circumstances you will still need to complete the form and upload your supporting evidence. 

The deadlines for submitting the form throughout the application process are as follows:

  • For consideration at the initial assessment stage, prior to invitation to interview for Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Nursing applicants, submit within two weeks of the deadline for applications. Contact us immediately at myapplication@rvc.ac.uk if there will be a delay in submitting your Mitigating Circumstances form.
  • For consideration in relation to interview performance submit one week after the date of your interview.
  • For consideration in relation to academic results, submit by 1st July in the year your results are released.

Once your form has been received and considered we will notify you of the outcome via the application portal and a subsequent email.

Where supporting documentation suggests that ongoing circumstances will affect both your studies, interview performance and/or exam results, these will be taken into account throughout your application journey and you will therefore not be required to re-submit the Mitigating Circumstances form after your initial submission. 

Applicants who submit a Mitigating Circumstances form after an unsuccessful decision has already been made can only by reconsidered if the form was submitted within two weeks of the application deadline on UCAS/VMCAS. Otherwise, we cannot reconsider an application.

We only look at the mitigating circumstances you send us during the year that you apply. If you sent in mitigating circumstances for an application in a previous UCAS/VMCAS cycle, you will need to submit a new form for a new application. We will tell you if you need to re-submit further evidence.

We cannot say in advance whether an application is likely to be successful or not on consideration of mitigating circumstances.

Submitting a Mitigating Circumstances form does not guarantee that the College will make you an offer or that we will accept you if you do not meet the conditions of your offer.

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