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This area of the website features a selection of computer aided learning programs and other projects completed or under development by Learning Technology and Innovation in collaboration with RVC academic staff.

More computer aided learning resources for veterinary students can be found on WikiVet.

Distal Imaging icon Equine Distal Limb - Anatomy and Imaging
Explore the equine distal forelimb and hindlimb by comparing cross sectional anatomy slices with the corresponding diagnostic images taken from the same thoroughbred horse. Click or tap the images to show and hide the anatomical labels.
heart icon Cardiac Virtual Patients
The RVC has developed a series of interactive cardiology virtual patients. Users can apply their knowledge and decision making skills to manage three cardiology cases from presentation to treatment. This project was supported by Elanco Animal Health. Requires Flash Player.
A Masai tribesman - Global Citizenship Lecture
A first year BVetMed global citizenship lecture captured and delivered online using Echo360.
Engraving of horse's skeleton Learning from Stubbs
A Flash animation based on an 18th century engraving of a horse skeleton. Drag-and-drop labels have then been added to the original illustration.
Normal dog's eye Testing the functional integrity of ocular reflexes
A Flash animation in which a virtual patient is provided to test ocular reflexes as well as the testing nervous control of extra-ocular muscles of the eye. Requires Flash Player.
Canine Radiographs Canine Radiographs
This interactive resource enables users to explore the canine skeleton to view radiographs. It is a reference for pre-clinical students and revision aid for clinical students. Now in HTML5.
Bovine placentome - link to Digital SlideBox Digital SlideBox
Zoom right in to an image - up to 40x magnification. See eight example of this exciting development in online slide viewing.
RVC Podcasts logo - cow wearing iPod earphones - click to go to Podcasts page

RVC Podcasts - Veterinary Science on the Move
The subject of the last (50th) episode was Immune-mediated diseases and the role of Regulatory T cells in dogs and humans - RVC Podcast - Episode 50 (13.2MB MPEG-4 - right click to download or subscribe via the iTunes Store).

WikiVet logo

WikiVet is a collaborative project involving vetschools at Cambridge, Edinburgh, Nottingham and The Royal Veterinary College. It is an ongoing initiative to author a comprehensive veterinary version of Wikipedia for free access by students at veterinary schools throughout the world.

Podcasting Potcasting
The RVC is developing a range of digital audio downloads for use by students on their iPods or MP3 players. Potcasts are one version of this format which provide an interactive narration of the anatomy museum
An Introdocuction to Veterinary Dentistry An Introduction to Veterinary Dentistry
Aimed at veterinary students, surgeons and nurses to reinforce basic canine dental skills. It is a comprehensive multimedia course incorporating quizzes, flash animations and video clips as well as text and images.
An Introduction to Veterinary Dermatology Diagnosis in Dermatology
This interactive website by Professor David Lloyd outlines the approach to diagnosis in veterinary dermatology. It focuses on small animals and covers history taking, examination and lesion recognition.
Dermatology Cases Dermatology Cases
These are a selection of dermatology cases developed for the European Society of Veterinary Dermatology. They have been developed in Powerpoint using some of the more advanced features of the program.
Emergency Cases Simulator Emergency Cases Simulator
This Flash packages is designed to simulate emergency clinical cases. It allows students to safely experiment with a “virtual” patient." and encourages them to apply their knowledge and decision-making skills.
Recombinant DNA Recombinant DNA
This program has been developed in Flash for first year veterinary students. It is designed to demonstrate some of the more complex genetic concepts through comprehensive animations.
Pitfalls in Practice Pitfalls in Practice
This programme was developed to highlight some of the potential problems that new graduates need to be aware of when starting out in practice. It has been distributed to new graduates from all the UK veterinary schools.
Parasitology website Parasitology
The ‘RVC/FAO Guide to Veterinary Diagnostic Parasitology’ is a collaborative project which provide a user-friendly computer-aided educational tool for lecturers in both the UK in the developing world.
Spanish version also available: La Guía TVC/FAO para el Diagnóstico Parasitológico Veterinario
The Canine Abdomen The Canine Abdomen
The Abdominal Embryology chapter from an online learning course on The Canine Abdomen.

If this page has inspired you and you would like to talk about a new computer-aided learning project, please email cal@rvc.ac.uk.

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