Department: Clinical Science and Services

Nadene is a teaching clinician at The Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital and a member of the exotics animal first opinion and referral service.

Nadene graduated from the University of Melbourne veterinary school in 2000.  She has had a varied career in mixed and small animal practice and has spent time locuming in several different countries including a volunteer position woking in China with bears.  From the beginning of her career she has always had a passion for exotic species and this was enhanced when she took on a role working with Australian native wildlife in her spare time.  She started working for The Royal Veterinary College Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital in 2009.  Initially hired as part of the dog and cat clinical first opinion team it wasn't long before she started developing the exotic animal side of the practice.   She now works with an amazing team as part of  the biggest referral and first opinion exotics service in London.  Here she can combine her passion of exotic animal medicine and surgery with her love for teaching. 

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Teaching first opinion medical and surgical skills in routine dog, cat and exotic animal practice to final year veterinary students and undergraduate nursing students who rotate throught the Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital

Small animal first opinion and first opinion and referral exotic animal medicine and surgery 

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