Department: Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Campus: Camden

Research Groups: Musculoskeletal Biology

Departmental Technician for Comparative Biomedical Sciences

PhD in cell biology, specifically in vascular calcification and bone formation. 

BSc (Hons) in Bioveterinary Sciences

Lucie has recently been appointed as a Departmental Technician to support research at the RVC, in particular, supporting laboratory and teaching activities within CBS. 

Previously, Lucie undertook an RVC funded PhD studentship entitled: ''Comparision of the calcificaiton processes mediated by osteoblasts and vascular smooth muscle cells', which she completed and successfully defended in September 2020. During that time, she was awarded a New Investigator Award and a European Vascular Biology Organisation Travel Prize at the Bone Research Society Annual Meeting (Cardiff, 2019) and the ESM-EVBO meeting (Maastricht, 2019), respectively. In addition, Lucie was awarded ‘Most Outstanding Contribution to the Students' Union and to Student Life’ award (2020) for services to the RVC postgraduate community. 

She also completed a BSc in Bioveterinary Sciences at the RVC and graduated with First Class Honours (2016). During her degree, she undertook a summer studentship with Dr Isabel Orriss and Prof. Caroline Wheeler-Jones on a project that involved “Developing new in vitro techniques for studying vascular calcification in human models”. It was during this time and during her dissertation, which investigated whether human umbilical artery smooth muscle cells (hVSMCs) could be used as a novel model of vascular calcification, that her interest in this field was established.

Lucie has been a BSc skills tutor at the college, a postgradute writing tutor, research group secretary and was the RVC Students' Union Postgraduate Officer for 2017-2020. She was also an active member of the RVC ladies 1s hockey team.

Bourne LE, Wheeler-Jones CPD, Orriss IR. (2020). Regulation of mineralisation in bone and vascular tissue: a comparative review. J Endocrinol. 20-0428

Patel JJ, Bourne LE, Thakur S, Farrington K, Gorog D, Orriss IR. (2020) 2- oxothiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid inhibits vascular calcification via induction of glutathione synthesis. J Cell Physiol. 1-10.

Bourne LE, Orriss IR. (2019). Isolation and culture of primary osteoblasts. HubLE Methods 5. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.30472.37127.

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Bourne LE1 , Patel JJ1 , Davies BK, Arnett TR, MacRae VE, Wheeler-Jones CP, Orriss IR. (2019). Differing calcification processes in cultured vascular smooth muscle cells and osteoblasts. Exp Cell Res. 380 100–113 1 Denotes joint-first authorship

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Lucie is a member of the Bloomsbury Centre for Skeletal Research (BCSR) and has been involved with the BCSR New Investiagtors. As part of this group, she helped organsise outreach and public engagement talks to secondary school biology students.

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