Department: Pathobiology and Population Sciences

Campus: Camden

Research Groups: Sustainable Food Systems

Research Centres: RVC Quantitative Biology Resource

Geoff has retired from full-time work at RVC but still teaches and carries out research in genetics as applied to livestock production. His particular expertise is in sheep and cattle but cooperates with colleagues in other species as and when possible.

  • Geoff has been working in the field of ruminant livestock production and genetics for 48 years.
  • His PhD from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne was a quantitative genetic analysis of 13 performance traits in a self-contained sheep flock.
  • Geoff put his academic training to practical use by working at the Meat and Livestock Commission for 16 years developing R+D programmes for livestock producers in the UK.
  • During this time Geoff also spent 3 years in the Sudan developing sheep and cattle systems for use in the rain-fed and irrigated areas of the country.
  • Subsequently Geoff joined Wye College (University of London) to lecture in animal breeding and production and remained there for 15 years until Imperial College took it over and closed it down.
  • Geoff then spent 2 years developing livestock genetic evaluation and breeding programmes at the Scottish Agricultural College before taking up his current post at RVC.
  • Geoff completed the Oxford Bioinformatics MSc programme which has enabled him to extend his research interests into molecular methods to complement his quantitative genetic skills.
  • Geoff has chaired the Scientific Programme Committee of the European Federation of Animal Sciences since 2010.
  • Geoff is a registered animal scientist with the BSAS accreditation scheme.
  • Geoff has been made an honourary member of the British Society of Animal Science
  • Geoff has recently received a Distinguished Service Award from the European Federation of Animal Sciences

Sheep genetics

  • Genetics of production traits in British Suffolk flocks
  • Dairy sheep genetics in Israel
  • Gastrointestinal parasite resistance in Australian Merino sheep genetics
  • Genetics of wool shedding

Sheep breed structure of Britain

  • British sheep breed surveys carried out in 1987, 1996, 2003 and 2012.
  • Value of genetic improvement to the UK sheep industry

A biological model of lactation

  • A new model describing lactation in dairy animals
  • Applying the new model to commercial dairy records
  • Listen to a podcast RVC37
  • Recently extended to include direct measures of apoptosis and gene expression levels during lactation.

Genotype by environment interactions in livestock breeding

  • UK sheep flocks
  • UK and Kenyan dairy herds
  • Australian Merino flocks

Extended lactations and greenhouse gas emissions

Molecular genetics and production traits


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Wool shedding in sheep

Geoff's research on the genetics of wool shedding in sheep has generated great demand for him to speak at farmers' meetings. Farm open days in Wiltshire and Northern Ireland have been followed up with a presentation at the Sheepbreeder's Roundtable, held near Nottingham in November 2011.

Geoff visited Australia where he was the International Keynote speaker at the 'Cleanskin Sheep Autralia symposium.

Sheep breeding in Britain

The 2012 Sheep Breed Survey, which Geoff analysed, has made him in demand at farmers' meetings.

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