Department: Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Campus: Camden

Research Groups: Cardiovascular and Inflammation Biology and Metabolism, Immune Regulation and Cancer

I am a member of the Cardiovascular and Inflammation biology research group. My main research interests are leukocyte-endothelial cell interactions, microparticle production and adhesion molecule signalling.

After graduating from Wye College (University of London) with a BSc in Animal Science, I undertook an ARC funded research studentship at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, supervised by Professor Yuti Chernajovsky and Professor Marc Feldmann, and was awarded my PhD in 1997. From 1998-2003 I took up a BHF funded post-doctoral position at Imperial College (Harefield Hospital) with Marlene Rose in the transplant immunology group.

In 2001 I was awarded a 3 year BHF Intermediate Fellowship to pursue independent research. I moved to the Royal Veterinary College in 2004 as a Lecturer and member of the Cardiovascular and Inflammation biology research group. I am interested in all aspects of vascular inflammation and my current research focuses on leukocyte-endothelial cell interactions under static and hemodynamic conditions, including microparticle production, adhesion molecule signalling, autoantibody mediated cell activation, and leukocyte activation mediated by uptake of dietary fats.

I am the Course Director for the Veterinary Gateway course and I have a strong interest in widening participation of different groups of students in science and veterinary medicine. I am also module/strand leader for a number of courses. My teaching is mainly in respiratory and cardiovascular physiology. I am also module leader for the third year BSc BioVeterinary Sciences Practical Investigative Biology module. I supervise a number of undergraduate research projects.

Since starting mypost-doctoral position at Harefield Hospital my main research interest has focussed on interactions between leukocytes or leukocyte derived factors and the endothelium.

Current research areas include: (1) ICAM-1 mediated signal transduction in endothelial cells exposed to arterial flow rates, (2) Detection of autoantibodies in patient serum (anti-ICAM-1) and their role in inflammatory activation of endothelial cells exposed to arterial flow, (3) Activation of monocytes by dietary fats (chylomicron remnants), (4) Activation of monocytes and platelets and microparticle production during co-culture with endothelial cells at arterial flow rate and (5) Interactions between endothelial cells and Brugia Malayi microfilarial parasites.

Areas of expertise in the lab include culture of endothelial cells from different vascular beds/species, use of a parallel plate flow chamber, production and propagation of adenovirus and retrovirus and transfection of primary endothelial cells and cell lines, detection of microparticles by flow cytometry.

I continue to collaborate with Prof. Marlene Rose at Imperial College and I also have collaborations with Professor Marion Macey and Professor Magdi Yaqoob at the Royal London Hospital, Professor Jeremy Pearson at KCL and Professor Dorian Haskard at Imperial College. I have has several collaborations at the RVC, including Professor Caroline Wheeler-Jones, Prof. Kathy Botham, Dr Rachel Lawrence, Prof. Jonathan Elliott, Dr Harriet Syme, Professor Adrian Boswood and Dr Virginia Luis-Fuentes.

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I have a strong interest in Widening Participation into higher education and I am the course director for the RVCs Veterinary Gateway programme. She is also deputy strand leader for the Cardiovascular and Respiratory Strand of the BVetMed programme and lead the 1st and 2nd visits to the strand. I am unit leader for cardiovascular and respiratory physiology for both Accelerated BVetMed programme and the BSc Bioveterinary Science course. I am also the module leader for the 3rd year BSc Bioveterinary Science Practical Investigative Biology module.  I am also a tutor for BVetMed and G&T students, and I participate in all aspects of examination of undergraduate students, and supervise a number of BSc Bioveterinary Science Year 2 & 3 research projects as well as summer studentships for BVetMed and BSc students.

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