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Introduction to VetCompass

The Veterinary Companion Animal Surveillance System (VetCompass) is a collaborative not-for-profit research project prioritising companion animal welfare. VetCompass is the veterinary practice knowledge hub working to improve the quality of life of companion animals.

The Royal Veterinary College (RVC), in collaboration with the University of Sydney, is undertaking a UK wide long term study of small animal disease. The aims of this project are to investigate the range and frequency of small animal health problems seen by veterinary surgeons working in general practice in the United Kingdom and highlight major risk factors for these conditions.

We are doing this through the routine capture of first opinion clinical data via electronic patient records held with practices’ Practice Management Systems (PMSs).

The data we collect will enable completion of: Ginger and white kitten

  • Regional demographic assessments
  • Disease prevalence studies
  • Risk factor analysis

and more...

Ultimately, the data collected will be an invaluable contribution to the knowledge-base of both veterinary researchers and practitioners.

Latest VetCompass Data Update

VetCompass exceeds 1.5 milion unique animals!

The VetCompass database has been updated with the latest data, bringing the total number of animals to 1,540,277. This relates to over 10 million episodes of care.

Canines 811,140
Rabbits 67,784
Rodents 56,807
Reptiles 5,658
Ferrets 4,545
Fish 636
Other 6,128
TOTAL 1,540,277

Number of animals recruited by species, 27th August 2014


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