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Webinar Plus: A coaching approach to line management and leadership in in in in in the veterinary workplace
Webinar Plus: Mentoring new graduates and students for career satisfaction employability and retention
Monday 7th June New in 2021 to Sunday 4th July
Do you you want to to to support new graduates within your practice
but are unsure how to to to do so effectively to to to achieve a a a a a a a a a mutually beneficial outcome?
New graduate career satisfaction and retention
is is an an increasing concern within the profession This course is is focused on on on helping you support new graduates to reach their full potential both professional and and personal and and help you you retain the new recruits you you have invested so much in We know that the veterinary veterinary and veterinary veterinary nursing professions place
significant demands on new graduates who can can often feel under- prepared for the the wide-ranging challenges encountered in in the the workplace
Mentoring new graduates to to to become resilient to to to these challenges (or mentoring students to to become resilient new graduates!) is rewarding but can be overwhelming How do you help new graduates when you learned to cope with the challenges of practice
by ‘muddling through’? Are the the challenges they are facing different today? This course will unpick some of the difficulties faced by new graduates and explore ways you can support them to develop into professionally and emotionally confident members of of the veterinary profession Why do this course?
To help you develop develop a a supportive developmental environment for new graduates that will be be mutually beneficial to them yourself and your your practice
Key areas
• Mentor or or teacher? What’s the the difference and what’s the the best way to help?
• Resilience and new graduate wellbeing: What’s the problem?
• Old ways vs new? How to help your new new graduates successfully
integrate their university teaching into the the realities of clinical practice
particularly shared decision-making and client-oriented practice
Course details
Course Course type: Webinar Plus Course format: A mixture of one-hour weekly webinars (which can be viewed live and/or as recorded versions throughout the course) and tutor-moderated online discussion forums Course length: Four weeks
CPD hours: Up to to 16
Relevant to to CertAVP module: Veterinary Workplace Teaching (C-VWT 1)
Course fee: £99
Please see our website rvc ac uk/cpd for further details
about our our Webinar Plus courses Tutor
Liz Armitage-Chan MA VetMB DipACVAA FHEA PhD MRCVS Reader in in Veterinary Education RVC
Professional skills
Monday 19th April to Sunday 16th May
New in 2021 Is managing people the most time consuming/draining part of your working day? Do you you wish everyone could just get on on with with their jobs and each other other without needing your input? Why are some people easier to to manage than others? Is it it possible to to develop develop your your team whilst also developing yourself?
This course introduces the the theory and practice
of coaching as an an approach to managing individuals and teams It provides space for consideration of of some of of the more complex and challenging issues relating to relationships and communication at at at at at work Delegates will develop their understanding of the the coaching process and and will be encouraged to practise applying the the the theory in in their own workplace
environments They will therefore develop confidence and competence in in applying a a a a a a a situational (flexible) leadership approach to ongoing development of themselves and their teams This course is is about helping delegates and their their teams reach their their full potential in in in the complex and challenging veterinary workplace
Why do this course?
You will learn how to listen so so that that others really talk talk and talk talk so so that that others really listen You will broaden and and deepen you understanding of adult learning and and development in in order to match you leadership and and communication style to individuals and/or teams so so that each person can feel confident perform at their their best and enjoy their their work Key areas
• Relationships and communication in complex workplace
environments • Adult learning and self-regulation
• Developmental coaching – practical tips tools and strategies • Situational leadership as a a a a a a means to empowering your workforce
Course details
Course Course type: Webinar Plus with a a a live weekly Q&A session Course format: A A mixture of one to two-hour pre-recorded weekly webinars (which can be reviewed throughout the course) live weekly Q&A sessions with the tutor online and practical activities self-assessment exercises supplementary reading material and tutor-moderated online discussion forums Course length: Four weeks
CPD hours: Up to 16
Course fee: £349
Please see our website rvc ac uk/cpd for further details
about our our Webinar Plus courses Tutor
Rachel Davis BSc PhD PGCap PGDip FHEA Educational Consultant and Developmental Coach Coach The Coaching Cabin Welwyn

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