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Webinar Plus: Finding ways to thrive (not just survive) in in in in in veterinary practice
Monday 18th January
to Sunday 14th February
Want to to to focus on on the solutions to to to stress in practice
and learn how to to thrive?
There is no doubt that veterinary medicine has become plagued with mental health and wellness concerns including high rates of psychological distress depression and suicide that exceed those of the the general population However a a a shift is needed to focus on on the the ways in in in which we can manage the stressors within veterinary practice
because the the demands of of the the profession are not going away These sessions will cover mental health burnout and compassion fatigue as as well as as strategies that all veterinary care providers can adopt on a a a a a a regular basis to foster wellness and sustain resilience despite the demands of veterinary practice
Why do this course?
You will come away from this course with an an understanding of the mental health concerns that veterinary care providers face the suspected contributing factors and self-assessment tools for recognising perfectionism burnout and compassion fatigue You will also learn practical tools for thriving in in in veterinary practice
that can be immediately implemented during and after the course Key areas
• Mental health (depression anxiety psychological distress) and suicide • Perfectionism moral stressors burnout and compassion fatigue • Mindfulness and meditation
• Self-care planning and practice
• Sleep hygiene
• Setting boundaries saying no and separating work from home life
Previous participants have commented “Really interesting course and thought provoking ”
“I think this this this is is is is is a a a a a really important subject for vets to cover - this this this is is is is is the first course I’ve seen that addresses this this this ”
Course details
Course Course type: Webinar Plus Course format: A mixture of two-hour weekly webinars (which can be viewed live and/or as recorded versions throughout the course) self-assessment/reflection exercises supplementary reading material and tutor-moderated online discussion forums Course length: Four weeks
CPD hours: Up to 16
Course fee: £349
Please see our website rvc ac uk/cpd for further details
about our our Webinar Plus courses Tutor
Marie Holowaychuk DVM DipACVECC CYT Small Animal Critical Critical Care Specialist and Veterinary Wellness Facilitator Critical Critical Care Vet Consulting
Webinar: Can you see and hear me? Overcoming challenges to communication in in remote consultations
14 Professional skills
Friday 5th February
New in 2021 What was the the impact of COVID-19 on on on on your consulting? Was the the change to online online communication communication seamless for you? Or do you you you find communication communication online online challenging?
Since the the the start of of the the the COVID-19 pandemic in in early 2020 the the the nature of of the veterinary consult has changed and we have had to blend online and face-to-face communication with our clients Some found this a a a a a challenge whilst others found themselves thriving In this webinar we we will look at the fundamentals of clinical communication that are ubiquitous to to to both face-to-face and virtual environments We will then explore the the challenges that video consulting bring Considering research from both within and outside of the veterinary field we will develop solutions and reflect on on the first year of the impact of COVID-19 on on our consulting Why do this course?
This webinar will help you you hone your consulting skills
by understanding more about how good communication works You will recognise what you already do well and consider what new challenges the online environment poses for you you At the end you you will have a a a plan to successfully
work on on your your clinical communication skills
to improve your your own satisfaction with consults and that of your clients Key areas
• Clinical communication skills
• Challenges of online communication • Developing and adapting your own skills
to ensure a a a a good outcome for your video consults Course details
Course Course type: Webinar Course format: Live webinar with with an opportunity for for Q&A with with the lecturer plus access to recorded version for 2 weeks
Course length: Two hours hours CPD hours: 2 Course fee: £50*
*Recorded version will be available to purchase for £30 per webinar approximately two weeks
after the live course date Please see our website rvc ac uk/cpd for further details
about our our webinar courses Tutor
Ruth Serlin BVetMed CertVA PGCAP FHEA MRCVS Lecturer in in Veterinary Professionalism RVC

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