Now you have received your offer take your time to look at the essential information below regarding your next steps towards becoming an RVC student. 

Post-offer information

AHEMS (Graduate Accelerated BVetMed students only)

It is a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) mandatory requirement that all students undertake 12 weeks of Animal Husbandry EMS (in addition to 26 weeks of Clinical EMS) as part of the Veterinary Medicine degree course. An AHEMS handbook has or will be sent by email so that you can plan and/or carry out some in advance.  

You can see an overview of in-course EMS requirements here.  

Occupational Health

All offers of a place at the RVC are conditional on successful occupational health clearance.  The RVC uses the Central and North West London NHS as its Occupational Health (OH) provider. You will be emailed a health questionnaire, normally once your offer status is unconditional, which you will need to complete so that they can make an assessment of your fitness to study at the RVC and of any assistance we can provide whilst you are here.

Applicants with learning differences or other long-term medical or mental health conditions who wish to know more about the support available should download the following document: Information for Applicants 2018-9

Paying deposits (international students only)

If you are an international student, in order to secure your place on the course, you are required to pay a deposit of circa 10% of your first year fee. The actual amount should be detailed in your offer. You should have received details of how to pay your deposit in the spring, or later if you applied out-of-cycle.  

Once your offer is only conditional on paying your deposit, we recommend you do this as soon as possible so that everything is in place. Whilst your offer is conditional on other things, such as results or references, then you should not pay your deposit until you have met these conditions.

Applying for accommodation

Offer-holders will have been sent an Accommodation Pack and Preference Form by email. If you are due to enrol with the RVC in the next three months and have not received any information about RVC accommodation, please contact You can view information regarding available accommodation here (Camden) and here (Hawkshead).  

The Application Process  

If you wish to apply for accommodation at the RVC for September 2018 entry, you will need to complete and return the Priority Form by email. Applications received after this deadline will be considered on a non-priority basis for as long as places remain available. Please consider the options you select carefully and only select options that you would be happy to accept a place in. In the event you are allocated a place and decline this for a place on the waiting list, you will be placed at the bottom of the list.    

How Accommodation is Allocated  

Where possible we try to allocate an applicant’s first or second choice for accommodation. However we cannot guarantee a place in accommodation and preference for College Grove will normally be given to overseas residents and applicants based on the distance they live from the Camden Campus. Unconditional and conditional offer holders are treated equally and applications are not considered on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.  

Please note that although preference for accommodation is given based on distance, this does not guarantee a place in College Grove. To ensure a diverse mix of students, we ensure that there is a mix of UK and International Students allocated to College Grove.

Private accommodation

If you are in private rented accommodation and are not sure about the contract or need further advice and assistance, contact the University of London’s Housing Service, You will also be able to view lists of potential properties to rent.  

Advice about looking for housing in London – how to go about it and the pitfalls to avoid—can be found on the University of London Private Housing Guide website: This will guide you through the process of planning your search, inspecting properties, signing the contract and paying deposits.  

In Welcome Week, there are opportunities to go on house-hunting days with ULHS and these will be sign-posted on the timetables.


About two weeks before you enrol you will be invited to complete online pre-enrolment. You will be sent an email containing your credentials so that you can use to sign into RoVer, our web portal, where you can complete the pre-enrolment process. You will need to enrol online for each academic year of your course. If any of your details change during the year, you can use RoVer to update the College. There are also helpful letters for you to print as and when you need them, including your Council Tax Exemption Certificate and a letter to confirm your student status to your bank or landlord.

Getting online

The same credentials you use to access the eRegistry web portal (Rover) will also allow you access almost all other RVC systems, including RVC Learn (the online learning environment) and your RVC email account, as well as connecting to Wi-Fi through ‘eduroam’. More information on this can be found in the ‘Staying connected’ section here.

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