People: Camilla Pegram, Dan O'Neill, David Brodbelt

The project will progress the current collaboration between the KCCT and the RVC to expand the evidence base for breed related conditions and identify breed health related priorities. The existing collaboration has assisted VetCompass™ to build its highly successful platform for collecting, understanding and interrogating primary-care veterinary clinical data. VetCompass™ currently includes over 10 million animals from a network of 1000 practices across the UK (~ 20% of all UK practices) and has over 35 peer-reviewed publications to date. The position will focus on individual breeds classified as high priority breeds by the Kennel Club (KC) to deliver data on the prevalence of common disorders, general demography and longevity. These results will help to fill existing data gaps and assist the work of the KC’s ‘Breed Health and Conservation Plans’ project in order to improve breed-specific health in dogs.

Vet Compass Project Type: Dog

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