The RVC is a fantastic place for those with a passion for science and animal welfare.

A close-knit community in the heart of London gives our students the best of both worlds: a home away from home with the excitement and amenities of our capital city. We have world-class facilities and our research is constantly at the forefront of human and animal health and welfare. Whether applicants have an interest in biological sciences, animal behaviour, bioveterinary sciences or wild animal biology, we have a range of degree programmes to suit everyone. 

This is a space for you--parents, teachers and advisers--that focuses on how you can support those going through the application process. You will find out how the process works, what opportunities the RVC offers and how you can support your child or student, now and in the years to come.

Supporting students making late decisions

Many universities may not have filled all available places. They will be willing to accept students who have not yet found a place or have simply changed their mind about where and/or what they want to do. Details of the vacancies available will be published by the universities on UCAS, which should be the first port of call. It is prudent to look at what's available before the results are known, in case the applicant needs a plan B. 

Students will likely be stressed as their results approach, especially if they discover they haven't got the grades for their Firm or Insurance choices. It is important to give pragmatic advice, but also stay calm. With the best preparation, applicants will still be feeling the pressure and Angry Dad won't help them calmly and confidently approach universities. You could help the applicant look into alternatives, ensuring they have the phone numbers of their preferred places to hand should they need to enter into Clearing. UCAS is a good resource that explains exactly how the process works.

It is important that applicants don't feel they have failed, or disappointed you. Most universities enter into Clearing. Where applicants subsequently decide to go could be one of the best decisions of their life. Applicants should still feel confident that they have lots to offer.

Students who have changed their mind

If applicants no longer wish to go to their Firm and/or Insurance choice(s) but met the offer (or are being accepted with lower grades), then they should call their newly-preferred university to confirm whether they would likely be accepted. They will then need to ring their Firm and/or Insurance universities to request that they release them. When they made Firm or Insurance choices, the applicant entered into an agreement with the university so there will be no obligation to release them. However, most universities will be happy to do so, with an explanation.

The universities may not be able to process the request straight away, so it's important to contact them as soon as possible whilst noting some universities may not be able to hold a place, or hold one for very long. Before an applicant has been released, the student will not be able to add a new university in Track. Once the student has been released into Clearing, their Clearing number will show on Track and the new university will be able to formally respond to the application via UCAS.

It's important to note that the applicant will need to be the one calling in all these instances rather than have someone phone on their behalf.  

What is Clearing?

Clearing is the standard system for all students not currently holding an offer to apply for a place at university this coming September.

The system is open to all, even if they have not yet made any application via UCAS. Students in such situations are however encouraged to submit their application as soon as possible as it can take a few days for UCAS to process. To see how Clearing works, visit the UCAS website

What is Adjustment?

Adjustment provides students who may have achieved better grades than they originally expected with the opportunity to apply to another university whilst still holding their place at their Firm choice.

Full details about Adjustment can be found on the UCAS website.

Parents: come to our Open Day

We will be hosting our Clearing Open Day on Saturday 19 August which will give students applying through Clearing or Adjustment the chance to find out more. You and other loved ones are very welcome to accompany the applicant. 

We also expect there to be a small amount of halls accommodation on offer on a first-come, first-served basis and it also gives offer-holders the opportunity to hear from key staff at the university and meet current students so they can ask about life at the RVC. 

Teachers & Advisers: get in contact

We also offer a variety of opportunities for schools and colleges to come and find out more about the RVC, and also for us to come and visit you.

We’d love to hear from you if you would be interested in a visit –

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