World Mental Health Day - 10th October 2020

Good mental health is more than the absence of a mental health condition or illness. We can all contribute to our mental health by developing a positive approach to our own wellbeing. This includes our capacity to enjoy life and deal with all kinds of challenges. These resources and events for students help everyone to think about how to develop positive wellbeing to support good mental health.

Togetherall – Online mental health support for students and staff.

Togetherall is a digital mental health and wellbeing support service which is available online, 24/7 via computer, tablet or smartphone

  1. To sign up visit
  2. Click 'Register' and then select the 'I'm from a University or College' tile.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your RVC email address and you can then set up an anonymous username.

The site is anonymous and the RVC will not be able to identify anyone using the site. 

RVC Advice Centre

The Advice Centre has a range of mental health support for students. We have a team of Student Wellbeing Advisers, Counsellors and a Mental Health Adviser who are here to help. To find out more


KickStart - Wellbeing online learning unit – This will help you reflect on how you can build and maintain your wellbeing. Please go to Life Skills to Thrive to access the wellbeing unit.

5 Ways to BE Well

5 Ways to BE Well – Check out the full calendar of events and activities to help you take a break, reflect, learn, relax – to support your wellbeing

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