Wellbeing is essential in order for you to be at your best so you can be ready to meet the challenges of studying at university.

At the RVC we believe that conditions for wellbeing are created through how you learn, how you make connections with friends and tutors, being able to access support for living and studying whenever you need it and being able to maintain optimal health while studying.

In other words - wellbeing is integrated, about the whole person, and supported across the RVC community.

The RVC is committed to developing and promoting conditions for wellbeing for all. What this means is that the College actively seeks to foster wellbeing by providing engaging and challenging curricula learning experiences, encouraging and supporting physical and mental wellbeing, building personal learning skills and encouraging a strong sense of community.

The Department of Learning and Wellbeing delivers this vision through student services provided by these teams:

  • The Advice Centre - Advice, counselling and support for physical and mental health.
  • Study Skills Support - Learn how to make the best of your study time, set clear course goals and develop strategies to achieve them .
  • Digital Learning - Flexible and engaging digital course design and digital literacy.
  • Careers and Employability - Careers maps, understanding transferable skills,  help with finding work and the application process.
  • Chaplaincy - Spiritual and inter-faith support.
  • Student Performance and Development System (see under Further Student Policies and Procedures) - Support with difficulties on a chosen course caused by health, personal, academic, professional or other challenges.

To introduce you to these teams and to the themes of Live Well, Study Well and Be Well, we have put together a six-week Extended Induction programme beginning on Monday 30th September: Extended Induction Timetable.

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