Special Exam Arrangements

The purpose of special examination arrangements is to provide an environment that gives all students an equal opportunity for assessment.

There will be some occasions when it is not possible to amend the time, or method of the assessment due to the nature of the competency being tested (for example, if, for competency reasons a specific emergency procedure must be completed in a set time) however, the College will attempt to ensure that where possible, reasonable adjustments are made to support all students who apply for special arrangements. Special exam arrangements can only be co-ordinated in relation to written examinations. Due to clinical imperative it is not possible to offer students extra time for practical examinations. The needs of students with a learning difference has been considered in the practical assessment design.

Who can apply? 

Any student with a long-term health condition or disability, including a diagnosed learning difference such as dyslexia or dyspraxia may apply for special exam arrangements.  If you have a learning difference you should check well in advance that the diagnostic evidence is acceptable for Higher Education.  Students who have a 'Provision of Need' from their school or college are likely to need an updated assessment in order to access special exam arrangements.

In addition, short-term health conditions affecting a student’s ability to undertake an exam under standard conditions may also apply (pregnancy, broken limbs etc). Please see the relevant pages on 'Learn' for more details.

How to apply

Please download an Application for Special Exam Arrangements (SEA1 Application Form)

All applications should include specific supporting evidence such as that from an Educational Psychologist or GP/other specialist.

There are strict deadlines for applications for each examination period. These are the dates when the forms need to have been received by the Exams Office - see Special Exam Arrangements for details for the current academic year.

For more details please see the Special Examination Pages on 'Learn' on the intranet if you are already a student at the RVC.


Please note that with the exception of emergency medical cases, any applications received after a deadline will not be considered until the next exam period.

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