Diagnosing Learning Differences

If you think you might have a Learning Difference (Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia) but are unsure what to do about this, you can speak to staff at the Advice Centre  in order to access a screening and if appropriate, a referral to an Educational Psychologist for an official diagnosis. 

Common indications are:

  • Difficulty taking lecture notes and holding information in your short-term memory
  • A consistent difference between your exam performance and written assignments
  • Absorbing the meaning of written information when reading or doing research
  • Problems with time management, mixing up appointments, and organising your workload
  • Limiting your written vocabulary to words that you know are ‘safe’ spellings
  • Finding it hard to limit your ideas when answering essay questions
  • Having to read text several times in order to understand the meaning

If you experience some of these symptoms, contact the Advice Centre to discuss things further as support may really benefit you on the course and for future work/study.

Getting a new diagnostic report

To access support including special exam arrangements you will need a detailed report clearly diagnosing your specific learning difference and how this affects you. The report must be completed by an Educational Psychologist or other suitably qualified professional.

If you need to update your diagnostic report or you are not sure if the evidence you have will suffice, please contact disability@rvc.ac.uk for further information.

When you are 'screened' you will be given further information about what you need to do to get an initial or updated diagnosis.   Prior to your screening you will also be asked to complete a questionnaire.

Please note: At key points in the year (usually Sept/Oct) and around exam times), you may need to wait for an appointment as demand on internal and external services is high. To avoid missing out on special exam arrangements, make sure you arrange an appointment well in advance of exams.

If you had an assessment conducted by staff at your school or college
you need to check that this report is suitable for the purposes of Higher Education.

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