Active blended learning doesn’t just replicate the live lecture online. Instead it uses new ways of interacting (through technology) to create different types of learning experiences. This allows you to consider how you learn best and personalise the experience to suit you. These flexible courses give you the best of both worlds – opportunities to work where and when it suits you as well as access to the face-to-face teaching, world-class facilities and networking.

Our blended learning courses combine the best of our taught courses with innovative online learning. You can learn at your own pace and fit your course around work and family commitments, while benefiting from teaching and networking opportunities on campus.

Aims of the RVC Blended Learning Rubric

  • Provide a consistent and safe blended learning experience for students
  • Engage learners in active online learning experiences
  • A flexible learning design to allow for technical issues that could impact student participation
  • Improve the staff and student experience of learning online
  • Use technology to enhance learning opportunities
  • Provide multiple opportunities for online collaboration between students and staff
  • Develop reusable learning activities for courses moving forward

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