Congratulations to all of you who will be graduating this summer.

We hope your journey at the RVC has been enjoyable and rewarding and you will be able to attend our Graduation ceremonies on Monday 15th July 2019.

Graduation is one of the most important days in the RVC calendar. It is a chance for graduands, guests and staff of the RVC to come together to celebrate all that has been achieved, to reflect on the years spent with us and to look forward to bright and exciting futures.

Graduation takes place at Royal Festival Hall, London's leading classical music venue located on the banks of the River Thames at the heart of the Southbank Centre.


Morning Graduation timings (Masters Degrees, Grad Dips, PhDs and BSc Vet Sciences)
08.45 – 10.20 Arrival, registration, gowning and photography
10.45 – 12.00 Graduation ceremony one
12.00 – 13.00 Celebration reception one
13.00 Return gowns and depart
Afternoon Graduation timings (BVetMed, FDVN and BSc Vet Nursing degrees)
11.00 – 13.45 Arrival, registration, gowning and photography
14.15 – 16.00 Graduation ceremony two
16.00 – 17.00 Celebration reception two
17.00 Return gowns and depart

Each graduand needs to complete a number of tasks before Graduation. These include:

  1. Registering with the RVCS (BVetMed and VN’s only)
  2. Confirming your attendance
  3. Booking your gown and photography
  4. Booking guest tickets
  5. Read the Practical guide to graduation

Register with RCVS (Vet Nursing students)

For all students graduating with the FDSc in Veterinary Nursing, admission to the RCVS Register of Veterinary Nurses will take place at Graduation.

Once you have received your final results on 27th June you cease to be a student veterinary nurse (with associated rights) and become a graduand. This means that until you have joined the RCVS register at graduation you are not permitted to carry out Schedule 3 reserved tasks and we advise that you take this time, before the Graduation ceremony, as holiday.  Despite the two week period between exam board and graduation, applying for temporary registration will not be possible.

You will receive an email from the VN team at the RCVS around 20th May asking you to apply for registration, please complete this and pay the fee (£90) as soon as possible but no later than 17th June.  The application is on line and straightforward.

The RCVS advise you to add their email address ( to your RVC email contact list to avoid emails ending up in your junk folder. Please check your RVC email account regularly.

Register with RCVS (BVetMed students)

Unless you have applied to the RCVS for temporary registration, once our pass lists are published you cease to be a veterinary student and will not legally able to practise as a veterinary surgeon until you are admitted to the RCVS. The admission ceremony will take place at Graduation.

To register

Fill in the RCVS online application form by Wednesday 22nd May (and pay the fee of £170.00).

In order to apply you will need to upload a copy of the identifying pages of your current passport or EU ID card.  If you do not have a current passport or EU ID card to hand then please proceed with your application and you will be contacted by the RCVS and asked to provide alternative ID.

Important points to remember regarding BVetMed RCVS Registration:

  1. Anyone applying for registration after 5pm on Wednesday 22nd May will not be able to register at Graduation and may have to make an appointment to attend one of the regular registration sessions at the RCVS at a later date.
  2. The RCVS will only give registration to those people who appear on the formal pass list. Furthermore, the RCVS will only register those people who have had their payment cleared and have completed the online registration form by the dates of required temporary or permanent registration.
  3. Graduands may apply for restricted (temporary registration) if they wish to start practising between publication of the final pass list and graduation/admission, providing that there are more than 15 days between its issue and the graduation/admission ceremony. For more information, please visit the RVCS website.
  4. You do not have to register with the RCVS if you are not intending to practise in the UK. As the holder of a recognised qualification from a UK veterinary school, you can register at a later date by attending a registration appointment at the RCVS offices.  If you do wish to register, there is an annual fee payable to remain on the RCVS register. This is currently £170 for members listed as 'Practising outside the UK'.
  5. For registration in the US please see the FAQ’s on the RCVS website.  If you have any other questions regarding registration not addressed here please contact the Registration Department of the RCVS.
  6. RCVS registered veterinary surgeons are now permitted to use the courtesy title 'Dr'. This title should only be used in conjunction with the descriptor ‘veterinary surgeon’ or 'MRCVS'.  If you wish to be styled ‘Dr’ please select this title when you apply to register online.
  7. If you have applied to register with the RCVS, and paid your fee, but sadly do not pass your exams first time the RCVS will hold your application open, and your fee, until you have sat your re-sits. A refund of your fee can be organised if requested.

More information see: RCVS Guide to Registration

Confirm your attendance & book tickets

You need to confirm your attendance at Graduation by booking your tickets online at  Please also use this system to book your gown and photography.  This must be done at the latest by Friday 28th June.

You will need your student number to log in to the system to book tickets. If you do not know your student number this can be found on RoVer.

As well as your own ticket, you will be entitled to book two free guest tickets and up to three further guest tickets, these will cost £25.00 each (to a total of five). Please specify any access requirements for your guests so we can allocate appropriate seating.  If you would like additional tickets (i.e. you have more than five guests you would like to bring) please email this request to and we will do our best to accommodate.

Children and young babies are permitted to attend however please note children over 2 years old must have their own ticket due to health and safety requirements.

Graduands tickets & guest tickets will be distributed at registration on Graduation day.

Gowns and photography

Gowns and photographs are pre ordered from and you need to do this before Friday 28th June.

Once ordered, gowns will be available for collection from the ceremony venue.

When ordering your gown you will need your:

  • Height
  • Chest measurement
  • Hat size
  • Payment details

Special requirements

The Royal Festival Hall is fully accessible with spaces available for wheelchair users.

If you or your guests require a space for a wheelchair or have other special requirements, please email once you have booked your tickets. 

Graduation souvenirs

The full range of RVC branded and Graduation gifts are now available to purchase online at

All profits from the sale of these products go towards supporting our students through the Alumni Fund, such as student wellbeing, bursaries and teaching and learning funds.

Please order Graduation gifts by Monday 8th July and remember to select ‘collect items from Graduation’ as the delivery address.  Items can also be sent internally to the Hawkshead and Camden Campuses free of charge as well as UK and overseas addresses for an additional charge.

All orders can be collected from the RVC4Life stand at the Royal Festival Hall on Monday 15th July. We will also be selling items on the day.

Terms and conditions of booking and attendance

By booking and attending the Graduation Ceremony please note that you are consenting to take part in a public event which will be live streamed using Facebook. After the event a copy of the livestreamed video will be publicly available to view via Facebook and will remain on the RVC Facebook page under our newsfeed. Facebook has its own Privacy Policy. Please make sure that you inform any guests that you are purchasing tickets for that this is the case.

There will also be a number of photographers taking pictures throughout the day.  These photographs will be used for a variety of promotional purposes. If you or any of your guests do not wish to be photographed during the day please state this in writing to the Events team at  before the application deadline.

If you apply to attend a graduation ceremony your full name, first name, middle name or names and degree including honours may be printed on an insert in the souvenir programme. The name used in this insert will be based upon your answer to the question on the booking form as to how you wish your name to be read out during the ceremony.  You must inform the Events team in writing to before the application deadline if you wish to opt out of your name being published in this way.

Useful information

Graduation 2018

Congratulations to all of you who graduated in summer 2018. We hope your journey at the RVC has been enjoyable and rewarding, and that you and your family had a fantastic day at Royal Festival Hall on Thursday 5th July 2018.

Watch the 2018 Graduation Ceremony

Morning ceremony: Biosciences, Veterinary Nursing and Postgraduates

Afternoon ceremony: Veterinary Medicine

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